Every Appearance of Thanos in Marvel Comics : Part 5 : When Titans Collide!

Every Appearance of Thanos in Marvel Comics : Part 5 : When Titans Collide!

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First Appearance of Drax The Destroyer

The origin of Drax the Destroyer

Once Thanos had amassed his “raging horde of interstellar malcontents“ he led them to attack his home planet of Titan.
In desperation, his father Mentor sought help from Kronos, the disembodied entity.

Drax the Destroyer in search of Thanos
Drax the Destroyer in search of Thanos

aid the plight of Mentor Kronos creates a being from the the earth of
the planets surface. And from this unnatural birth emerged Drax the
Destroyer, a being whose sole purpose was the destruction of Thanos.

located Thanos on a planet far from the our solar system. He clashed so
violently with Thanos that the planet exploded beneath their battle.

Thanos Defeats Drax
Thanos Defeats Drax

the planetary explosion, Drax became injured and Thanos was able to
capture him and brings him to Earth where he is held prisoner beneath
the surface.

From this Earth prison, Drax begins his telepathic
communication with Iron Man, who is then captured by the Blood Brothers
and brought to the same prison.

First Appearance of Drax The Destroyer

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